Soy Wax is a wonderful, petroleum free alternative to paraffin wax. It also burns longer and burns clean, making it a much healthier choice for your atmosphere. 

How should I burn my candle?

Soy wax has what is called a memory therefore it is necessary to allow your candle to burn for 2  to 3 hours the first time it is lit — it must melt the candle all the way to the sides the first time it is burned. Building this memory helps the candle to avoid the pillar effect of wax build-up on the side of the container — also called tunnelling. This poor burning is a major cause of diminished flame and little fragrance while burning. 

A proper melt pool is indicated when the hot liquid wax can be seen completely across the container and about ¼ inch deep. Obtaining a proper melt pool will ensure you get the best scent through and flame from your candle with each burn.  

Why is my flame weak?

By all accounts a properly trimmed wick should be cut approximately ¼ to ½ inch above the wax. If it is cut too short or has broken off at the base of the wax the flame will not be able to build up enough heat to burn the wax and will drown out.

To fix this, extinguish the flame and pour off the liquid wax into a heat-safe container. Allow for at ¼ inch wick, maybe a little longer because the wick will be saturated with wax and may burn too fast to build up heat. Relight the candle and burn for at least the recommended time as mention above. If the flame still goes out, repeat the process.

Why is the flame too high?

Should the flame become too high or began to flicker excessively the candle may be burning in a draft or you may need to trim the wick back a bit. Soy wax candles will occasionally mushroom at the top of the wick (indicated by a ball build-up at the top of the wick). To correct, extinguish the flame and either scrap off the ball or cut the wick, leaving ¼ inch wick above the wax surface.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to trim your wick to 1/4" before burning — every time. Not trimming the wick can cause the flame to get too high resulting in the glass getting to hot and breaking.

Do not burn your candle any lower then 1/2". This can cause the glass to break as it will get too hot and this is very dangerous as it can cause a fire. At this point, it's time to start a new candle! Soak your jar in hot soapy water and the soy wax will come out easily, and you can reuse the jar!

Keep candles away from draughty windows and areas — it will cause the flame to get too high and your candle will get too hot- dangerous — and not last long as it will burn too quickly.

Centre your wick each time after burning. When you extinguish your candle, while the wax is soft, pull the wick back to centre if it has moved. This will ensure safe burning for next time as if the wick falls to one side and hits the glass, it can break from the heat. 

Happy candling!