Wax and Fire Co. was created by Ella Nunes out of  her passion for scent, handmade goods and eco friendly products. Scents are carefully chosen and blended to convey feelings of peace, calm, joy and nostalgia. 

Soy wax is petroleum free, burns clean and lasts twice as long as paraffin wax. We use only high quality,  phthalate free fragrances and essential oils to create our scents.

Our jars can be cleaned with hot soapy water and repurposed. 

Thank you so much for choosing our candles. Every step of the process has been done by hand, with love and care, for your enjoyment.

When she isn't pouring candles and creating new scents, Ella loves to spend time with her family, going on long walks, long drives, practising yoga, cooking and baking.